Good Morning Badger Folk!

Well it’s 8:15am on Sunday morning and I’m writing this…. none of those scheduled post thingys here you know 🙂

I hope you’re all having a great weekend despite the rubbish weather.

If you haven’t looked already, please head to the Chat page and take a look at the new cross-site FLC forum. It’s on 4 sites so far, but with another couple being added very soon (all being well). It means no matter which site you’re on you can engage with other free lottery players and talk about whatever you want. 🙂

Our Developers…who I suppose I should introduce… They are Gary & Tom. Gary is my oldest friend…. though I’m sure I’m pushing that limit with my never ending requests and silly ideas… are Burnt Wasp Games… They have more info on their very outdated website… which I won’t link because it’s so out of date… but it’s Google-able….. Well… Tomorrow morning they have finished the planning and altering my insane ideas phase so the work really begins. There’s been some behind the scenes work happening over the last couple of months to prepare for the upcoming updates that are in the works now… there are some pretty cool changes coming (they’re all good really) and they’ll be happening over the next few months.

I won’t go into too much detail here because it’ll bore you to death… as each phase reaches testing and I have to try and break it, I’ll post about the upcoming updates. PLEASE DO read because some are really important and will be major changes to the site…. improvements for the better hopefully but they will affect how the games play. We will hopefully see the return of the Monthly Draw before the year is out. We wanted it back sooner, but these changes are huge and they need to be done right. All being well we are hoping to add in a new game/feature to give you even more chances to win 🙂

Enough teasing by me. Please do use the Chat, it’s full of lovely people and I do ask for feedback on upcoming ideas there 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday