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Launch of the Monthly Draw...

As mentioned in my last post, we’ll be launching the Monthly Draw soon and I’ve got a few more details for you.

We’ll be starting the countdown very soon, perhaps even already…

The first Monthly Draw will open on New Years Day 2017 and will run until the end of the month. The winner will then have 24 hours to claim their prize. If not, it will rollover.

The return times will be a bit longer than the daily draw. Your bonus will increase by 50p the first time you click in each monthly draw.

The prize will be a lovely £100 + your bonus. 🙂


What's coming in 2017...

We wanted to give you an update about the site, the future and what’s coming and going in the next few months.

Advert Rollout
We’re working really hard behind the scenes to test advert providers and over the next few weeks we’ll be trialling different placements and adverts. The site layout may change slightly to accommodate them but we want to make sure they don’t clutter up things.

We’ll be stopping #ReferralFriday at the end of December. We’d like the system to handle things better and have more configuration and automation to it, so we’ve decided to get a better idea written out and will hopefully relaunch a more integrated system in a few months. We’d like to thank all those that have shared us, and please do keep telling everyone about us.

Launch of the Monthly Draw
Though the site isn’t quite paying for itself yet, we’ve decided to launch an additional draw. We’re hoping that the extra prize will help bring in some new players and with all your help sharing and spreading the word, we’re really hoping to have things paying for themselves within the next couple of months. There’ll be more details coming about this very soon, so keep an eye out.

We’ll be adding a page where you can find links to sites like ours that give away money for free. As we add them, we’ll be posting about them on the Blog and will try to ensure they’re all as real as us 🙂

Bonuses, Games and more…
We have some fantastic ideas and plans for the future of the site and we’re hoping over the coming months to get things into development. We have a great company doing the programming for us so they’re ready to get things underway when we can afford them.

There’s the Weekly Draw to launch, we’ll have more one-off Voucher and Prize draws but the best things are still on paper. We have 4 or 5 ideas for completely different Badger The Button games which work in a similar way, but with nice twists to make things a bit more fun. We also have ideas to expand the bonus system and bring a little fun there too… but all this depends on funding those changes.

We hope you’ll all keep sharing the site and spreading the word and if you’ve any suggestions, do get in touch as we’re always open to your thoughts 🙂

Andy & Kirsty

Please Read: The clocks changed so did the draw time...

Hello Badgers!

We hope you’re enjoying the weekend but here’s a bit of an important note.

We had to choose times before opening the daily draw that would work ok with the clocks changing. As such we chose 7am to open the draw and 6:30am to close the next morning.

With the clocks changing by 1 hour, this also changes the times that the draw works from. Internet servers all use a Universal Time… UTC and don’t change twice a year.

So here’s how things work now on the Daily Draw…. it will now start at 6am, the draw will close the next morning at 5:30am and the winner will have until approx 5:30pm to claim their win.

Sadly this is something beyond our control and for us to change the times, we’d have to shut the draw down for a day to ensure all the systems in place behind the scenes didn’t get confused and cause bugs.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your extra hour in bed. 🙂


#PayDayFriday becomes #ReferralFriday

Good Afternoon Badgers!

We love #PayDayFriday so much that we’ve decided to do it every Friday!

So, each Friday we will check if the person claiming their prize was referred, and if they were, that person will win too.

£10 a week is up for grabs and if the Friday claimer wasn’t referred, it rolls over to the next week.

How do you win this? It’s simple… head to the Referral page and share your link on social media and tell anyone and everyone about us!

Have a great day!

Andy & Kirsty



Here are a few rules for the #ReferralFriday prize.

  1. To have a chance of winning you must use your referral link/id to allow others to sign up so it’s tracked by our system.
  2. You can only win the Referral prize ONCE per calendar month. We’re not being mean, we just think it’s better to share as much to as many as we can 🙂
    1. In cases where the person has already won the Referral Prize, we will run a Mystery Voucher draw for the £10 value. We may opt to put all invalid wins into a single pot and run one draw at the end of the month, but we’ll let you know. 🙂
  3. If the person claiming (or not) on Friday wasn’t referred, the money will rollover to the next week.

Voucher Draw Coming Soon


Next week we’ll be launching a new one-off Draw. It’ll be a mystery voucher draw so keep an eye out for it on the site.

We’ve also sent out a one-off email to all users to let them know that some site wide problems are now resolved. We won’t be sending any more so don’t worry about spam. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend and good luck!

– Andy

Feature: Daily play reminder emails

Good afternoon Badgers!

We’ve now implemented the play reminder emails. Just head to the My Account page and click the Subscribe button to receive them each day.


Have you told anyone recently that....

they can also play Badger the Button for free? 🙂

We really do need your help to spread the word and help us grow, so please try to share the site with as many people as you can. You can do this by using the handy links on the Referral page or just by telling people about us on social media or in person. 🙂


Have you heard about... Free Postcode Lottery?


Given it’s success, you’ve most likely heard about the site; Free Postcode Lottery. On the off chance that you haven’t, we wanted to let you know, as it’s a great free site where you can win a LOT of money!

Chris, the creator of the site actually launched FPL back in 2011 and originally started it as a way to earn some extra money…. and now employs a team and has turned it in to a full time job! It was their success, and the reasons on the About Us page, that gave me the motivation to get Badger the Button developed and launched.

FPL is completely free and is easy to join. Once you’ve registered, you just need to check daily to see if your postcode is a winner! Apart from the postcode lotteries, there’s also great information on how to make and save money.

The players on the site, known as the FPLers are very chatty and the Facebook comments stream is often very entertaining to read!

Kirsty and I have been playing it for some time and though we’ve not won yet, it’s surely just a matter of time!! 🙂

If you’re not registered with them, and haven’t heard about it before, it really is worth heading to the site at www.freepostcodelottery.com and getting yourself signed up.

Good Luck!

Who is Emma?

A few people have asked us ‘who is Emma?’ after noticing her name on our referral page. So we thought we’d tell you a little about her, what she does and how she’s been a great supporter of our site!

Emma is the creator of a website called From Aldi to Harrods, where she shares her expertise in making and saving money. Her site is very inspirational and rather impressively, Emma and her partner have escaped the 9-5 life and both work for themselves, running the site and looking at different ways of making and saving money.

There are literally loads of ideas on her site from tips on how to save money, making money from affiliate marketing, match betting, different ways to earn money whilst working from home including: paid surveys and getting paid as a mystery shopper. It’s often hard to find credible sources for this kind of work and you can end up paying out money, rather than making any. Emma has already done the leg work for you and checked it out, so if this is something you’ve ever been interested in, her site is a great source of information and you can be sure it’s all tried and tested.

When our site was first going live, we contacted a few people to let them know about us and Emma was great! She came back to us straight away, signed up and started checking us out. She has since told her followers about us and this is why you will see her name prominently on our referral page!

Apart from her amazing and informative website, Emma is just a delight to speak to. She has been really supportive and we can’t thank her enough for spreading the word about us.

So now you know who Emma is! if you’d like to check out her website the address is www.fromalditoharrods.com and you can also find her on Facebook.

Refer a friend....


Good afternoon Badgers!

Today we’re asking again for people to tell everyone about us. With you help we can grow and give away even more cash and prizes. There are literally…. tens… of ideas for draws, games, bonuses, lotteries…. oooh!… so many…. and they’re all in my head (am told by Kirsty that this is incredibly scary) or on really small scraps of paper… but we need more people signed up with us…. so please please head to the referral page, share your link on Facebook, Twitter or anyway you can…. 🙂

We’ll be announcing a small bonus for a milestone sign up in the next week and the person who referred them will get a cash bonus too 🙂

Have a great weekend! – Andy