Wow… it must be years since I’ve posted here… it certainly feels like it… I will keep this short… really this time…. not one of those long and winding roads posts that I am known for…. but… a teaser if you will.

Referral bonus points will be hugely increasing in the near future. My plan… well… at the moment, each time someone joins and plays using your lovely referral code on the My Account or Referrals page you get a “whopping” 20 bonus points – Count them! I know you won’t!  🙂

I will be increasing this VERY soon…. so get on your marks… find your places that you will be posting your code… it will be a huge, nay monstrous increase… into the hundreds of points per referral. What will this mean? More people hopefully… more people playing but not only that…. I will be having a super duper short countdown thingy on the blog/updates pages. Once that countdown is reached I will be launching a new Series of draws…. which I’ve previously mentioned. Episode I or whatever I call it will begin with a modest prize with various prizes and lengths to draws as it progresses. At the end of the series I will be awarding a special bonus prize of £30 to the person who is at the top of the clicking leaderboard…. oooh!

So… get on your marks and head to Facebook and Twitter for updates as they’re posted…. it’s coming soon… so be ready and good luck to all in the draws and whatnot.

Back to the renovation for me for the evening….. yep… it’s still going on….


Andy 🙂