Karim from Epping Hemnall won Amazon £10 Voucher
Current weekly jackpot £10
Aileen from South Lakeland won £10
Duncan from Blandford Old Town won £30
Ian from Norwich won £10
Julie from Coleford won £10
liz from Stapleford South East won £30
Edward from Bradford won £10
Evelyn from Edinburgh won £30
Paula from Newtown won £5
Current monthly jackpot £50
Debbie from Test Valley won £20
Current daily jackpot £10


Andy - Site Creator and Lead Over-thinker

Badger the Button first started around 2009 when I had an idea for a free to play prize draw website open to UK players. I thought of different prize draws and competitions all centred around a button click. A simple idea, the more you click, the more chances you get to win a prize.

It took some time to refine the idea, save enough funds to develop the site and arrange a programming company to handle the coding so it was as fair as possible. 6 Years later I revisited the idea but was still looking for a reason to give it the big push and get it underway. Late 2015 it became apparent that one of my best friends needed me to do this and so I got a couple of friends on board and we got started.

Kirsty is one of the friends who’s joined me to bring this site to you and I know she won’t really like me telling you this, but Kirsty has MS (Multiple Sclerosis). In recent years I’ve seen her work really hard in a high pressure job as well as coping with her MS symptoms, which over time get worse and worse.

She’s an absolute hero to me and so I thought if this site works, then not only can we build a really fun site where we can use the advertising revenue stream to give away lots of cash and prizes, but to also build a business to provide an income for Kirsty, myself and, in time, we’d absolutely love to employ others.

Luckily she has no idea how to edit web pages so she can’t remove this! I’ve also instructed the programmers to not change this too! I’m sure I’ll get a telling off when she finally reads it! Ha ha! (edit: In answer to a couple of messages... she has now read all this and there was no telling off... phew!)

I'd really like to thank you if you've read all this. I really hope you enjoy playing and entering the prize draws. I've tons of ideas and already we have other draws adn competitions being worked on so I hope you'll join us and help us build the site to what I know it can become. We'd also love to hear your suggestions so whether you use the contact us page, Facebook comments or use smoke signals, we'd love to hear your ideas too.

If you’re not already registered, just click the Sign Up button, pop in a few details, confirm your email address and away you go. If you’re unfamiliar with how it all works, please feel free to take a look at the Explainer Video or have a read of the guide on the How It Works page.

Thanks for playing! - Andy