Sandra from Manchester won £10
Lystra from London won £30
Current weekly jackpot £15
Margaret from Rutherglen won £10
Steph from Dalston won £30
Glenn from Waldingfield won £10
Lindsey from Orpington won £10
Current daily jackpot £10
Samuel from Alsager won £10
Karon from South East Holderness won £10
Paul from Darlington won £10
Bryony from Canbury won £10

£50 Referral Prize

1061 / 1000
Help us reach our new user target by referring your friends
Whoever is the user that takes us to the target, will get a £10 instant prize. Whoever refers them will get £50!

£50 Referral Prize

Happy Sunday Badgers!

If you’ve seen the counter on this and the Updates page in the last month or so, you’ll have seen the £50 Referral Prize that we’re offering.

We’re now closing in on the target we set.

Head to the Referrals page now and Share your Facebook/Twitter links and spread the word as much as you can. If you refer the 1000th person, you’ll win £50 cash and they’ll get £10 too.

So… head out onto Forums and Lottery sites everywhere and spread those links!*

Once we hit our target, we’ll be working on another. 🙂

Don’t forget to keep checking back on the Updates and Blog pages when you see the notification icon as it means there’s a new post to see.

We’ve some great updates coming soon 🙂

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!


*Please make sure you don’t violate site or forum rules when spreading your Referral Links 🙂

Launch of the Free Lotteries Community - FLC

Hello Badgers!

I’ve been teasing that we were going to be making a pretty cool announcement for a while…. erm… this is it 🙂

A few of us wonderful Free Lottery/Raffle site owners have been in touch for a while giving advice on technical bits and sharing experience so we can all build better sites. A while ago I remembered in the early days of the Internet that people created Webrings with similar sites so you could find other sites you liked. We have all added Lotteries pages to our sites to make this sort of work but I wanted to take it a step further.

We all noticed that more and more Lottery sites were popping up or were in development and I noticed a couple that were just run by marketing companies to harvest user details to sell on. We don’t like that and it’s not how we work.

So we’ve created a Directory of Free Lottery sites. Each member site has agreed to abide by a simple set of guidelines to not use your details in a way that you don’t want without being REALLY clear about it.

Sure we’re going to email you to give you offers etc (it’s partly how we cover costs) but we’re not going to sell your details on to make a few quid.

We also realised that we were all working independently and not really building the communities we set out to. We all have Chat pages or sections… so where does that leave you all? Checking 10 different chat sections to see if someone left a reply…. no no no… that won’t do.

So we’ve added a cross-site Forum. It’s on our Chat page and the same system runs on other Member sites too depending on their membership level. I imagine there’ll be some teething problems at the start, but we’ll get there in the end. There are different Channels for each site so you can talk about what’s going on on each site there and there’s the General Chat too which is a free for all. Over time we’ll add more Channels or change them around to suit the community needs. If you’ve a request… Let us know in the Requests Channel. (Please note that the requests channel is FLC related…. requests for each site should be added in its Channel).

We’ve also all got Badges on our sites (like the one above though future members will have a slightly different one) so you can easily see which sites are in the FLC… which sites are working together to build a safe Free Lotteries Community for you all… We’re all working hard to build our own sites and develop them, but we’re also here to help each other along the way.

Sadly we’ve lost some fellow Free Lotteries recently such as Numberplate Lottery, Free Raffle Draw & Free Lottery Draw. We hope they’ll be back in time and it’s a real shame that they couldn’t be with us on this.

The Founding Members of the FLC are:

  • Badger the Button
  • Big Free Giveaway
  • Free Birthdate Lottery
  • Free Treats
  • Rafflemao
  • The Street Lottery

Hopefully we’ll be announcing a new Member of the FLC very soon, and we look forward to welcoming other sites that want to join us to build a really great community.

There’s more to come from the FLC but we’d really recommend heading to the site HERE and bookmarking it so you can check in there regularly. There’s a blog there too which will have announcements regarding new members or other things going on with the FLC.

Thanks for reading and good luck in all the FLC members draws!



Badger the Button turns 1 year old

Good morning Badgers!

Today we’re 1 year old! Woohoo… it’s been an interesting year with the site developing in ways we didn’t see before our launch.

We’ve given away around £5,000 this year in cash, vouchers, prizes and donations to charity. We’d like to thank all you lovely folk for joining us on our Badgertastic journey to build something special 🙂

There are new ideas coming all the time and we’ve some really fun in the final stages of planning and design before being sent to the developers. 🙂

Welcome to all the new members that have signed up recently. We hope you enjoy the site and do head to the Chat page and say hi! To those members who’ve been with us a while, we’d like to say a huge thank you for sticking with us. In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a few winners who joined in our first month so we like to think it’s not if you’ll win… it’s just when 🙂

Please do spread the word as much as you can using your Referral codes and telling everyone about us. With more players, we’ll be able to give even more away.

Andy & Kirsty

Amazon Prime Day.... deals to be had!

Tomorrow is Amazon Prime day. There are tons of deals and offers and what not. If you’re a Prime member already, I’m sure you know. If not, click the link below and get signed up. You get a 30 day trial, you can use it in that time and if you cancel the subscription before the trial ends, then it’s all super duper! 🙂 I’ve used Prime before and I have to say it’s fab, particularly for the FREE ONE DAY delivery 🙂