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Exclusive: New Raffle website to win Cash!

Good afternoon Badgers!

We’re very lucky to have a little advance notice about a new Free Cash Raffle website that’s just launched. It’s super easy to sign up and has a monthly draw to win £200. You visit the site to get a ticket and then can return in 7 hours to get another. It’s so simple I’m not going to Badger on about it… So give the image below a click and head there now to sign up! Good Luck Badgers!

Have you told anyone about us recently?

Welcome to Friday evening!

It’s been quite the week for the site. We had some new layout changes, a bit of change to the Sign Up system and there’s more to come. Sure there were a couple of hiccups… but hopefully things are ok now…. 🙂

Anyway… We’d really like to get everyone to try their best to spread the word about us. Some time ago we said that once we hit another 1000 users, we’d launch the Weekly Draw… Well… that went well for a little while, but we’re still 200 or so short… so we need more people becoming badgers. 🙂

Also, on our Facebook Page we said that if we hit 1000 Likes of our page, we’d launch a voucher draw…. so there’s prizes there to be had Badgers…. Can you help spread the word so we can get some new things going?

Thanks for helping to spread the word and good luck in the draws!


Site Updated

Good Afternoon Badgers!

I hope it’s as sunny where you all are as it is here… in the office…. with the sun beating through the window on my shoulder….. actually… that’s really annoying…. too warm!!

Anyway… I’m sure some of you have noticed that we’ve had a few layout changes made. Luckily we now have a lovely new Updates page where I’ll detail these later 🙂

Enjoy the weather…. even if it’s raining and please do take a look at the Updates page later on and keep an eye out for notifications on there as there are more updates coming over the next few weeks 🙂