Current monthly jackpot £100
Current weekly jackpot £15
Veronica from Barking won £10
Thomas from Epping won £10
Susie from Arbroath East and Lunan won £10
Current daily jackpot £20
Richard from Wednesbury South won £10
Kathy from Irthing won £10
Richard from Wednesbury South won £20
Julie from Leigh won £15
Dawn from Calderdale won £10
Colin from Kingsteignton won £10
Rita from London won £10

£50 Referral Prize

Help us reach our new user target by referring your friends
Whoever is the user that takes us to the target, will get a £10 instant prize. Whoever refers them will get £50!

Holidays are coming.... and so are some updates!

Good afternoon folk of Badger the Button!

I hope you’re all enjoying your Friday and are looking forward to the weekend.

Those of you who use the Chat forum might have seen the post I put on regarding some upcoming changes. I’ll be popping a post on the Updates page about those very soon (probably Saturday)

Holidays are on their way… The Coca Cola truck will be on TV soon and is actually coming to the town I live in on its tour of the UK… not a big fan of CC but who doesn’t like a big red xmassy truck?! 🙂

Make sure you’re following Badger the Button on Twitter and Facebook using the handy links in the menu… until I move them so they’re more obvious soon… 🙂 We’ll be having some quick fire giveaways coming up to Xmas to give away chocs and other things all Seasonal 🙂

Watch this space and please do spread the word about us as much as you can…. and remember to check every day to see if you’re a winner 🙂


Welcome!... and a Voucher Draw arrives!

I’d like to say welcome to the new users that have joined recently.

Quick recap… 🙂 I’m Andy… I run Badger the Button and am the chief over-thinking chap who occasionally breaks the site when I make a minor code change that, quite frankly, shouldn’t break anything… honestly.

Please Like us on the Facebook thingy and Follow us on the Twittermabob. There are links in the menu or on mobile it’s the little three line thing in the top right. 🙂

I’ve just started the countdown on a £30 Amazon Voucher Draw… which will run for a week. Fear not if you can’t “Badger the Button” too much but every extra click is an extra chance to win… so good luck to all members!

I’ll also be starting a new Referral target soon so keep an eye out for that.

ooooh!!!… also (can you see how well planned this post is? 🙂 )… I spoke with the developers yesterday and they’ve been hard at work typing, deleting, typing more… programming… all those really techy things… and they’re about a week off from the next batch of updates being ready for me to test. All being well I’ll be posting about this next weekend as I test them out and check they don’t break things above and beyond normal 🙂

Have a great Sunday. If you’re new, we have a Chat page which is also on some other UK Lottery pages (which you can see on the Lotteries page) and if you join that then you can have a good chat with other players as well as get involved in the community 🙂


Referral Prize Winners

Happy Weekend Badgers!

Congratulations to Paul who was the member who took us to our recent player target. He actually won the daily draw too on the day I worked out the figures so he not only won the £10 daily prize but the £10 referral prize too. Lucky chap! 🙂

Of course that means that I then checked who referred him and it was Donna who won £50 for just sharing her referral code with her friends and family 🙂

Both winners have been paid. Donna tells me that the £50 will be going into a University Fund for her daughter which is really cool 🙂

I’ll be setting a new target up very soon and we’ll have another prize to give away… so watch this space!


£50 Referral Prize

Happy Sunday Badgers!

If you’ve seen the counter on this and the Updates page in the last month or so, you’ll have seen the £50 Referral Prize that we’re offering.

We’re now closing in on the target we set.

Head to the Referrals page now and Share your Facebook/Twitter links and spread the word as much as you can. If you refer the 1000th person, you’ll win £50 cash and they’ll get £10 too.

So… head out onto Forums and Lottery sites everywhere and spread those links!*

Once we hit our target, we’ll be working on another. 🙂

Don’t forget to keep checking back on the Updates and Blog pages when you see the notification icon as it means there’s a new post to see.

We’ve some great updates coming soon 🙂

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!


*Please make sure you don’t violate site or forum rules when spreading your Referral Links 🙂