philippa from East Retford South won £10
Saran from Barnham won £70
Jane from Weymouth won £10
Current monthly jackpot £100
Lee from Keighley won £10
Tony from Barnhill won £15
Kirsty turner from Hartlepool won £15
Helen from John O'Gaunt won £10
Current daily jackpot £20
Colin from Kingsteignton East won £10
Current weekly jackpot £15
Claire from Normanston won £40
Iain from Grangemouth won £10

£50 Referral Prize

230 / 1000
Help us reach our new user target by referring your friends
Whoever is the user that takes us to the target, will get a £10 instant prize. Whoever refers them will get £50!

Zeek Summer Draw - Win up to £500!

Evening Badgers…. It’s a warm one again isn’t it? Too warm for me… phew..

Anyway… I wanted to let you know about the Zeek Summer Draw. You’ve seen the advert on our pages, if you haven’t already, get signed up and they’re giving away prizes to people who buy this week. Here’s a few basics.

There are some more details on the Zeek site but bascially the draw is per day for this week only. So to qualify for the most chances to win, you’ll need to buy something each day… sounds good to me though. Zeek is fab… 🙂

Click the Zeek banner above to head there now. Good luck!


It’s officially summer! To celebrate we’re giving away £500 every day this week. For your chance to win, all you need to do is shop. Good luck!
Each day we’re giving away:
1 x £500
4 X £50
5 X £25
10 X £15
That’s 100 chances to win!
Number of winners: 20 winners per day.

Missed win....

Good afternoon Badgers!

Patricia didn’t claim her £10 Amazon Voucher in the recent draw so we’ll be running a FLASH Draw!.. (oooooh…. sounds exciting right?) 🙂

I’ll open a new draw on Saturday Morning and it will run until Sunday leaving Monday to claim it. There’ll be NO automatic entries so if you don’t click, you won’t win.

If it goes unclaimed again…. then we’ll donate the voucher to a charity or something. 🙂 It’s MS Awareness Week this week, so if it goes unclaimed perhaps we’ll donate the £10 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂


Spread the word

Good evening all!

It’s been a while since we had a Referral Prize… but now it’s back… and as always… it’s nice to give a little back to those who spread the word about us. We had a target for users before launching the Weekly Draw… which we hit… We have a new target… 1000 new users.

When we hit it, we’ll give the 1000th new user £10 and the person who referred them will get £50!… it’s good to share 🙂

So… we’ll be starting it as soon as our fab new progress meter appears on this and the Updates page.

Please do your best to tell everyone about us 🙂 When we hit that goal, we’ll be starting another new goal with an increase in prize somewhere on the site.

Thanks and good luck!


PLEASE READ: Updates coming Monday


Happy Friday!!

At last the weekend is nearly upon us… phew. Tomorrow I’m actually going to be taking the afternoon off for the first time in ages. I’m a huge snooker fan and often work on the site with it on in the background… such as at the moment with the World Championship on 🙂 So I’m off to play snooker tomorrow and I can’t wait. I used to play several nights a week but not recently though I’ll be aiming to find some new people to play against as I find a new club to play at 🙂

Anyway…. to the News!… I’m just testing the new updates that are going live on Monday and they’re looking great. The reason I’m posting today is so you have plenty of chance to see what the new mobile menu will look like. Desktop is changing too, but mobile moreso.

Below is what the new layout will look like when logged in. You’ll see the new menu button in the top right, the notification letting you know there’s a new post to check which you’ll see when you open the menu.

Your bonus is there in the menu as well as links to our social media and other pages across the site.

The menu is attached to the top of the screen so no matter how much you scroll, you’re just a button press away from seeing your menu.

The desktop site has had a similar update which we’re hoping is pretty straight forward but you’ll see on Monday.

Have a great weekend all, good luck in the draws & to Saturdays winner (if they claim), fear not, I will deal with your claim ASAP 🙂