Happy Weekend Badgers!

We’ve already hinted that the site is nearly paying for itself and we’d like to be able to give away more. To do this we set a new players target of 1000 but as it’s been holidays and things, we’ve done just over half of that. It’s great to see so many new players and we’d love to see more.

We need your help spreading the word so to see how you can help,Β  please read on πŸ™‚

What we’d really appreciate is you all spreading the word. Not just by using your referral links but by perhaps leaving a Review for us on our Facebook Page. It really helps new users to see that we’re genuine and don’t send out spam emails all the time… just the odd update (We’re adding a Newsletter soon so you can opt in to more regular news emails) πŸ™‚

Also if you can tweet about us or just tell anyone face to face that’d be great πŸ™‚


In addition to this, please do Like our Facebook page as we’ll be having another competition soon to help achieve this goal. A little different from the last.

We’ll be posting soon about our user target to launch the Weekly Draw. We need as many of you as possible sharing the post and asking others to share. When we reach the new user target… OR 5,000 shares, we’ll open the weekly draw with a Β£20 per week prize. If we reach 10,000 or more we’ll start the draw at Β£40 per week…. after that… who knows, it really does depend on how many new users we get πŸ™‚

Also if you Like the post, we’ll be choosing someone to receive a Β£50 Amazon Voucher.

I’ll post again here and on Twitter when we launch the new Facebook competition…. so remember to Share it to help launch the weekly draw and Like it to win a voucher πŸ™‚

Good Luck


EDIT: Added in that we’ll launch the Weekly Draw when we reach our user target OR the 5k shares on the post we’ll add to Facebook πŸ™‚