Evening Badgers…. It’s a warm one again isn’t it? Too warm for me… phew..

Anyway… I wanted to let you know about the Zeek Summer Draw. You’ve seen the advert on our pages, if you haven’t already, get signed up and they’re giving away prizes to people who buy this week. Here’s a few basics.

There are some more details on the Zeek site but bascially the draw is per day for this week only. So to qualify for the most chances to win, you’ll need to buy something each day… sounds good to me though. Zeek is fab… 🙂

Click the Zeek banner above to head there now. Good luck!


It’s officially summer! To celebrate we’re giving away £500 every day this week. For your chance to win, all you need to do is shop. Good luck!
Each day we’re giving away:
1 x £500
4 X £50
5 X £25
10 X £15
That’s 100 chances to win!
Number of winners: 20 winners per day.