Good morning Badgers!

Today we’re 1 year old! Woohoo… it’s been an interesting year with the site developing in ways we didn’t see before our launch.

We’ve given away around £5,000 this year in cash, vouchers, prizes and donations to charity. We’d like to thank all you lovely folk for joining us on our Badgertastic journey to build something special 🙂

There are new ideas coming all the time and we’ve some really fun in the final stages of planning and design before being sent to the developers. 🙂

Welcome to all the new members that have signed up recently. We hope you enjoy the site and do head to the Chat page and say hi! To those members who’ve been with us a while, we’d like to say a huge thank you for sticking with us. In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a few winners who joined in our first month so we like to think it’s not if you’ll win… it’s just when 🙂

Please do spread the word as much as you can using your Referral codes and telling everyone about us. With more players, we’ll be able to give even more away.

Andy & Kirsty