Evening all 🙂

I recently wrote a little about Electroneum. It’s a UK based Cryptocurrency that in its 5 months or so being live has 1 million+ people using it across the world.

Their aim is to introduce people who might think cryptocurrencies are too confusing (which to date they can be) to how it all works. As such once you install their app from the Play Store (soon to be available on AppStore).

They’ve recently updated their referral system to make it MUCH better. They’re giving away around £3 a month or so by just having the app “mining” on your phone. I’ve now been testing this for a few weeks, there aren’t any ads, they don’t spam your email or anything like that and I haven’t had any calls from anyone or emails selling me questionable products… 🙂

It’s a really great time to get involved with it as they price of the ETN coins are pretty low at the moment, but they’re on the rise….. so some mining now could potentially profit well in the future….

Few notes first:

– I’m not recommending you buy ETN coins as an investment… it’s your choice and you should research before you do.

– The phone app doesn’t suck your battery life…. I’ve used it quite heavily recently and it’s using very little. The same goes for data usage. THAT BEING SAID…. If you don’t have a contract, it’s best to check how much it uses first before leaving it going all day and night.

– It occasionally stops mining. I’ve noticed this is when you move around often and move to different WIFI…. it’s really straight forward to get going again… click details… it says you need to fill out a quick form and you’re on your way again…. it’s nothing invasive or more than they could determine from a website anyway… they’re just refining their app. 🙂


Head to https://electroneum.com/ and click the link to  visit the Android Store to install the app. The IOS App isn’t out yet, but is coming soon.

– Register an account with them and set up SMS authentication – This isn’t so they can spam you with texts, but as a security method to ensure nobody uses your details much in the way a bank would do this.

– Click on the “More” option at the bottom of the screen, then on “Earn FREE Coins” under Promo. Scroll down and click Scan or Enter a Code…. then PLEASE enter my code below. By doing so you earn a little more and so do I so it’s REALLY appreciated 🙂

After that…. let it build up and it will occasionally empty the mining profits into your online wallet.

You can check the value of each ETN coin at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/electroneum/


Thanks and enjoy the weekend! 🙂