Morning good folk of the UK!

Quick (yeah right!) update today.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the recent sunny weather. I’ve not managed as much as I’d have liked as we’re still on with the renovation work at home…. yes… it’s dragging a bit for a couple of reasons but we will get there 🙂

I will be adding a longer term Special Draw very soon. It will cost bonus points to enter the first time… so to open it up to play basically. It won’t be a cheap one, but I’ve looked at the stats for bonus points and a good amount of people will be able to access it straight away. Because it will run for a while, if you can’t access it straight away… then you can still earn bonus points by clicking on the other draws as much as possible to build up the amount you need to access it.

It will run for a few months with longer return times and a larger prize. The points cost will probably be around the 2000 pts mark 🙂

I also have another Special Draw in the works that I’m hoping will launch in the next week or so too 🙂

I’ll be hoping to update the FAQ page soon too which will answer some regular questions I get asked. If you’re unsure how something works, it’s always worth heading to the Chat page first. There are some really lovely people there who will be really happy to answer your questions if you have any 🙂

I’d like to mix things up a bit with the Special Draws so if you have any suggestions for prizes you’d like to see (don’t get carried away 😛 ) then head to the Chat page and make some suggestions.

Keep a look out for the new Special Draws that will be starting to countdown to the start very soon.

Good luck all!