Good afternoon good folk of the Badgerverse!

A few updates for you today about upcoming changes to the site. I’ll try to keep it brief though it could be a long read because I’m making this up as I go… but it’s worth sticking around until the end. 🙂

I’ll be adding a Facebook Comments section similar to how it was previously… however it will only be beneath the existing Chat tool on the Chat Page for the moment. I might add them to the bottom of the draw pages too… but please drop a comment on if you’ve any suggesitons.

Leave us a review on Trustpilot
I’m sure you’ve noticed the button to head to Trustpilot and leave a review. It would be great to see some feedback and thoughts from you as players on there. Thanks 🙂

Longer return times
This has been coming for a while. I want to expand the number of draws and the only way to do this is to extend return times. It will mean less hecticness and by popping to the site a small number of times each day (if you can) then you’ll have maximised your changes of winning.

More draws
This leads nicely into the fact that there will be more draws and more chances to win in those draws.

The Weekly Draw is making a return starting from a week on Monday. The prize will be £5 a week for the moment… however as numbers increase so will it.

There will be more Special Draws coming in the next few months. I’m currently working on an idea based on a suggestion from a player. The plan is to have draw that is won by the person who clicked the most… which I liked, but I wanted to up it a bit…. so… here’s how it will work.

Starting… when I get to it… there will be a new Series Draw. It will be a series of Special Draws which will run over the course of…. however long I decide :-)…. Each draw will have something slightly different about it, either the return times, ticket limit, the prize (in points, cash or voucher) and the length. After each draw, I will check the click logs and compile a Top 50 clickers leaderboard (this will be done manually after each draw and the new Leaderboard will be updated at the bottom of each page. I’m still working on how to accomplish this…. so it’s a work in progress. Once the final draw in the Series is complete… then there will be a prize for each of the top 3 in the leaderboard and a random draw for the rest of the players which we might even do live on Facebook…. maybe 🙂

Due to the renovation chaos at home at the moment where I run everything from, things have been a bit slack by myself on social media in general… however there is hopefully help coming on the Facebook front at the very least. I will have some assistance on there very soon and will also be having things on there that benefit players on the site. The same will apply to Twitter if you’re a tweeter 🙂 The idea is that posts on there will mean changes on the site (e.g. share this 1,000,000 times and we’ll launch a special draw for £5000… that sort of thing)… so I’m working on plans to have regular things like that on there… so if you’re a social media user, then don’t forget to Like/Follow us… there are links in the menu 🙂

For sticking around… and reading it all…. 🙂
I said it’d be worth sticking around until the end….  in addition to the Weekly Draw making a return and the Series Draw… I will also be trying to engage more on the Chat page… so for those who get involved I will be putting on the odd game or whatever… it will be on the forum style one (which can be signed up to using any social media or by email) rather than just the Facebook one. On there I’ll run a random game or draw for either some bonus points, voucher or a small cash prize…. so pop on and say hi and familarise yourself with the lovely folk on there 🙂

I’m sure there’s more… but that’s already pretty comprehensive.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather 🙂