Good Afternoon Badgers!

We love #PayDayFriday so much that we’ve decided to do it every Friday!

So, each Friday we will check if the person claiming their prize was referred, and if they were, that person will win too.

£10 a week is up for grabs and if the Friday claimer wasn’t referred, it rolls over to the next week.

How do you win this? It’s simple… head to the Referral page and share your link on social media and tell anyone and everyone about us!

Have a great day!

Andy & Kirsty



Here are a few rules for the #ReferralFriday prize.

  1. To have a chance of winning you must use your referral link/id to allow others to sign up so it’s tracked by our system.
  2. You can only win the Referral prize ONCE per calendar month. We’re not being mean, we just think it’s better to share as much to as many as we can 🙂
    1. In cases where the person has already won the Referral Prize, we will run a Mystery Voucher draw for the £10 value. We may opt to put all invalid wins into a single pot and run one draw at the end of the month, but we’ll let you know. 🙂
  3. If the person claiming (or not) on Friday wasn’t referred, the money will rollover to the next week.