Hello Badgers!

We hope you’re enjoying the weekend but here’s a bit of an important note.

We had to choose times before opening the daily draw that would work ok with the clocks changing. As such we chose 7am to open the draw and 6:30am to close the next morning.

With the clocks changing by 1 hour, this also changes the times that the draw works from. Internet servers all use a Universal Time… UTC and don’t change twice a year.

So here’s how things work now on the Daily Draw…. it will now start at 6am, the draw will close the next morning at 5:30am and the winner will have until approx 5:30pm to claim their win.

Sadly this is something beyond our control and for us to change the times, we’d have to shut the draw down for a day to ensure all the systems in place behind the scenes didn’t get confused and cause bugs.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your extra hour in bed. 🙂