We wanted to give you an update about the site, the future and what’s coming and going in the next few months.

Advert Rollout
We’re working really hard behind the scenes to test advert providers and over the next few weeks we’ll be trialling different placements and adverts. The site layout may change slightly to accommodate them but we want to make sure they don’t clutter up things.

We’ll be stopping #ReferralFriday at the end of December. We’d like the system to handle things better and have more configuration and automation to it, so we’ve decided to get a better idea written out and will hopefully relaunch a more integrated system in a few months. We’d like to thank all those that have shared us, and please do keep telling everyone about us.

Launch of the Monthly Draw
Though the site isn’t quite paying for itself yet, we’ve decided to launch an additional draw. We’re hoping that the extra prize will help bring in some new players and with all your help sharing and spreading the word, we’re really hoping to have things paying for themselves within the next couple of months. There’ll be more details coming about this very soon, so keep an eye out.

We’ll be adding a page where you can find links to sites like ours that give away money for free. As we add them, we’ll be posting about them on the Blog and will try to ensure they’re all as real as us 🙂

Bonuses, Games and more…
We have some fantastic ideas and plans for the future of the site and we’re hoping over the coming months to get things into development. We have a great company doing the programming for us so they’re ready to get things underway when we can afford them.

There’s the Weekly Draw to launch, we’ll have more one-off Voucher and Prize draws but the best things are still on paper. We have 4 or 5 ideas for completely different Badger The Button games which work in a similar way, but with nice twists to make things a bit more fun. We also have ideas to expand the bonus system and bring a little fun there too… but all this depends on funding those changes.

We hope you’ll all keep sharing the site and spreading the word and if you’ve any suggestions, do get in touch as we’re always open to your thoughts 🙂

Andy & Kirsty