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Is your question below?

Q. How do I know if I’ve won?

A. If you’ve won, the button on the game page will be GOLD when you first log on. Just click that button to claim your prize. An admin will then be in touch on your registered email address to arrange your prize.

Q. What's the catch?

A. There isn't one. We are giving away money. The more people who play, the more adverts get seen and our advertisers will pay more. That's why we really need you to share us with friends and family. See the Referrals Page for more details.

Q. Did you sell my e-mail address as I'm getting spam?

A. Nope... we didn’t. We hate that… I mean really hate it. Be REALLY careful who you give your email address to, but it wasn’t us. We use your email for one thing… to confirm your email address. We have our Daily Play Reminders which you can opt out of on the My Account page if you no longer want them.

Q. I'm trying to Sign Up but my Postcode isn't being accepted. Can you help?

A. Absolutely. Please tell us in the contact form below and then an admin will be in touch via email to get this sorted for you. This can happen if your home is a new build and the postcode hasn't yet made it in to our automatic checking system. We do this to ensure all users are genuine UK residents.

Q. How do I close my account?

A. You can’t… ever…. It’s like Hotel California! OK… it’s not really, though we’re really sad you’re leaving the site, all you have to do is go to the My Account page by following the link at the top or bottom of the page and click the Delete Account button.