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Is your question below?

Q. How can you give away all this money?

A. Our costs and prize money are covered by people who pay to have their adverts on the site. We also work directly with businesses to offer featured prizes.

Q. I'm not seeing any ads. Where are they?

A. We've yet to fully roll out the adverts yet. We're still optimising the code and adding features to the site while we build up our player numbers. The last thing we want is a slow site because we're changing code behind. We want to get it right and then monetise the site rather than the other way. We will announce on the News page when the adverts will be rolled out.

Q. How do I know if I’ve won?

A. When you visit the site for the first time after a draw closes, look out for the GOLD, winner button. Just click it to claim your prize. An admin will then be in touch by email to arrange delivery of the prize.

Q. How do I get paid if I win?

A. Our admin will contact you and request your PayPal email address. Once we have it, we'll send the money straight over. The reason we don't just send it to you registered email address is that many people use different email addresses and we don't want your winnings getting lost.

Q. What happens if I don't claim in time?

A. In the case of our regular cash draws, the money rolls over to the next draw. In the case of other types of prize they will be added to the next draw or another draw will be run. We may also elect to donate the prize to a charity.

Q. Can I win with just the automatic entry?

A. Absolutely. Just think of the draw as a raffle. If you have more tickets it does increase your chances of winning however some of our winners have just had the automatic entry.

Q. What happens to my bonus when I win?

A. When you win your bonus remains the same so you don't need to start building it up again. Don't stop telling Friends and Family about the site, as the more people who play, the more we can give away.

Q. What other benefits are there for referring people?

A. Besides giving your friends and family a chance to win cash in our competitions, we are also planning features that will let you convert your Bonus into extra tickets, so it really is a good idea to refer as many people as you can and start building that bonus bank up!

Q. Is this site a scam?

A. Absolutely not. We're aiming to have a great site where our players can win Cash and Prizes in our draws and competitions completely Free.

Q. Why do you need all my details?

A. We only ask you to provide details so we know you're over 18 and have a UK postcode. Your privacy is extremely important to us and we'll never send spam emails, sell your details or do anything except use them to administrate the website. Please ensure they're accurate. When we offer physical prizes in the near future, it's important that your details match up to those you used on signing up.