Paul from Darlington won £10
Bryony from Canbury won £10
Margaret from Rutherglen won £10
Steph from Dalston won £30
Karon from South East Holderness won £10
Lindsey from Orpington won £10
Sandra from Manchester won £10
Glenn from Waldingfield won £10
Lystra from London won £30
Current daily jackpot £10
Current weekly jackpot £15
Samuel from Alsager won £10

Xbox One S 2TB

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Mandy from Ramsgate claimed their prize, "Xbox One S 2TB Game Console". Congratulations!

Xbox One S 2TB

Here's a little more information about the Xbox One S.

The important thing is that it has an S... which stands for.. SPECTACULAR!... OK... It probably doesn't... but it is the latest and greatest console released by those clever chaps at Microsoft.

If you're not already registered then you're already missing out on the chance to win the Daily Draw... and now.. an Xbox One S!

Get yourself registered... Click the Red Button on the game page. Wait for the return timer to expire, come back and do it again. 'Badger' the Button as many times as you can until the draw closes. The more tickets you have, the more chance of winning... but you have to be in it to.. well.. you know.

Remember if you come back and click in the 5 minutes after the return timer runs out, your click will earn you an extra ticket.

Good luck!

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Xbox One S 2TB Draw Rules

Registered players receive 1 automatic entry to the draw.

Get more free tickets by clicking the Red 'Click Me' Button. Once you've clicked it, you'll be shown a return time. Come back after the countdown expires and you can Badger the Button again. If you return within minutes of that time and click, you'll get an additional free ticket.

The draw opens midday 23rd August 2016 and runs for 4 weeks until midday on the 20th September 2016. The draw will then automatically be processed and the winner will have 24 hours to claim.

If you come to the site and your button is the Gold Winner button, then you've won the draw and all you need to do is click the button to submit your claim.

One of our team will then email you to check your details and arrange delivery of your prize.

If the prize isn't claimed within the 24 hours claim window, then the unclaimed prize will be either added to a future draw or another draw will be run.

No cash prize alternative is available.