Sarah from Birmingham won £20 Arlene from Whiteley won £10 Rebecka from Bethnal Green won £10 Kendal from Old Catton and Sprowston West won £10 Duncan from Blandford Old Town won £80 Steven from Great Parndon won £10 Current weekly jackpot £45 Jo from Peterborough won £40 Gary from Kew won £20 Current monthly jackpot £100 Current daily jackpot £10 Chris from Liverpool won £15 sue from East Cowes won £40

Daily Draw

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This draw's jackpot will increase to £20 if Ria does not claim their prize within


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Daily Draw Rules

Every day we give away £10 to a lucky player.

By being a registered player, you'll get 1 free ticket to each daily draw. You can gain more tickets by coming to the site throughout the day and clicking the button (Badger it!). Each click gets you 1 ticket.

Once you've clicked it, you'll be shown a return time. Come back after the countdown expires and you can Badger the Button again. If you return within 5 minutes of that time and click, you'll get an additional free ticket.

If you come to the site and your button is the Gold Winner button, then you've won the previous draw and all you need to do is click the button to submit your claim.

One of our team will then email you to arrange your prize and check your details and then send the money to a PayPal account you have. If you don't have one, simply search Google for PayPal and create an account.

The first time you 'Badger' the Button in each Daily Draw, you'll get 1p added to your bonus.

If the prize isn't claimed within the 12 hours claim window, then the unclaimed Cash will be added to the current draw.