Morning All 🙂

So if you read the last Updates post you’ll know that Auto-Claim was rolled out in our recent changes.

I’ve also mentioned it on the Chat forum (you really should get on there if you aren’t already. There will be other chances to win and it’s an integral part of the community we’re trying to build. You’ll also get to your opinions in about changes and have a good natter at the same time 🙂 )

So… Auto-Claim is now live on the Daily Draw. It uses your bonus points which are built up by using your Referral link and Share buttons to get others to sign up. It’s also built up by just coming on each day/week and entering the draws.

There’s some balancing to do so the points cost will change over time as I work out more details and as more features that use the bonus 🙂

If you head to the Daily Draw page, click the button and then you’ll see the Auto-Claim option appears 🙂

Any feedback welcome, so if you’ve any thoughts… do head to the Chat forum and let me know 🙂

Have a great week and good luck to all! 🙂