Chris from Liverpool won £15 sue from East Cowes won £40 Current weekly jackpot £45 Gary from Kew won £20 Rebecka from Bethnal Green won £10 Duncan from Blandford Old Town won £80 Jo from Peterborough won £40 Kendal from Old Catton and Sprowston West won £10 Current monthly jackpot £100 Arlene from Whiteley won £10 Current daily jackpot £10 Steven from Great Parndon won £10 Sarah from Birmingham won £20

Coming Soon

We're getting in touch with other Free Lottery and Raffle site owners and are hoping to get as many on here to make it easy for you all to find out about them.

So if you own another site, get in touch. If you don't see a site on here, maybe let them know we're compiling a list. The more we can all work together, the better we'll all do.

We'll be adding links to the buttons to pages with more details about each site including the prizes available and how they work.


It's really important to check other sites T&Cs before signing up and that they'll treat your data with as much care as we do.

If you've any recommendations for sites, please let us know in the comments and we'll add them.

Referral Links

We're more than happy for you to leave links to other sites. To keep them organised, please leave them on the individual site pages only (once they're added)... that way they're all links to the same page and people can choose whichever referral link they like. Thank you.

Until then, please feel free to leave links below as normal.