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Our Draws

Below you'll find some basic information about each of our current prize draws.

We have a few more draws ready to release over the coming months, as well as some others that are currently with the programmers and design team. When we have more information about them, we'll be releasing details on our News page and Facebook feed.

Daily Draw

The Daily Draw is our main Jackpot draw. It's awarded daily and once the winner has been selected, they have 12 hours to login and claim their win. If the prize is not claimed within that time, it rolls over and increases the next jackpot.

Top Secret

Top Secret is similar to the Daily Draw except the prize is a mystery until it's automatically revealed. We only tell you the value of it, however we may reveal some clues on our Facebook Page before the draw reveals the prize. We already have a draw ready to launch with a special prize worth over £300.

We're SO Excited...

We have two more draws ready to go, the Weekly Draw and Monthly Draw. They'll work the same as the Daily Draw however as I'm sure you've worked out, these will last over a week or month.

Our Design team are also working on some other competitions and draws which we're very excited about and that are all new types of draws... Don't worry, they all have a Button for you to Badger to increase your chances of winning.

We're hoping to release these in 2017 and are really putting in the time and effort to ensure the new draws look and work as well as we've imagined them for the last few months. We're so excited to finally see them being created and can't wait to share details about them on our News and Facebook pages, so please check them regularly for more details.

In the meantime, don't forget we've got the Daily Draw to play, Weekly and Monthly will be released in the next couple of months and we're making sure we plan regular Top Secret draws including FAST draws which will open, close and be won in a single day!