Current weekly jackpot £15
Sharon from St Anne's and St John's won £10
Current daily jackpot £10
Serena from Devon won £20
Peak from Swindon won £10
Claire from Hull won £10
trevor from Holme Valley North won £10
Laura from March won £10
Anita from London won £20
Michael from Birchills Leamore won £10
Pip from Irthing won £10
Ray from Altrincham won £45

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Our Draws

Below you'll find some basic information about each of our current prize draws.

We have a few more draws ready to release over the coming months, as well as some others that are currently with the programmers and design team. When we have more information about them, we'll be releasing details on our News page and Facebook feed.

Daily Draw

The Daily Draw is our main Jackpot draw. It's awarded daily and once the winner has been selected, they have 12 hours to login and claim their win. If the prize is not claimed within that time, it rolls over and increases the next jackpot.

Still to come...

We have tons of plans and ideas for new games and features to give you loads of chances to win.

Check the Updates page regularly to see what's coming and feel free to let us know what you like, don't like or if you've any ideas, please let us know. Good Luck!