Duncan from Blandford Old Town won £30
Current daily jackpot £10
liz from Stapleford South East won £30
Karim from Epping Hemnall won Amazon £10 Voucher
Aileen from South Lakeland won £10
Evelyn from Edinburgh won £30
Edward from Bradford won £10
Julie from Coleford won £10
Paula from Newtown won £5
Current monthly jackpot £50
Debbie from Test Valley won £20
Ian from Norwich won £10
Current weekly jackpot £10



We have different advert placements across the site and will continue to refine their placement as the site develops. You can have your banner on our site with many options on placement and size.

We have different size banners available and interstitial video ads available after users click the button. We use Google DFP to manage our advertising and as such can target the adverts using many options such as device and geography. We can also limit the frequency of impressions to ensure your advert is seen by as many users as possible.

Please note:

We have minimum sponsorship levels across site. Extensive customisation of delivery options such as frequency, geography, device etc will increase cpm.

Draw Sponsorship

Sure we all see the "Like and Share" competitions on Facebook but there's a better option and that's to Sponsor a Draw with us... and here's why.

  1. Like and Share competitions are against Facebook Terms and Conditions. That's right. You're not allowed to do it. You cannot ask anyone to Like your Page either.
  2. Having a draw on our site will encourage users to repeatedly visit your draw page which will make who you are stick in their head. On your draw page we will add copy about your competition and company and links to your website, social media etc. The people who then visit your site, follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook will be actually interested. We will also mention your draw on our social media accounts and blog.
  3. We're better than getting your offer on a regular competition site too. Again it's down to the repetition. Our active users generate lots of page views as they visit the pages.

All you need to do is visit the Contact page, get in touch with a bit of what you're interested in and we'll go from there.

Email Sponsorship

We have premium sponsorship available in our Daily email reminder. Your banner advert will be hosted by us and displayed in the email above the link our active users click to visit the site daily.

For details about this or any other sponsorship, please visit the Contact page and get in touch.

If you have any other ideas of how you'd like to work with us, please let us know.

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