Nicole from London won £10
Linda from Durham won £10
Louise from Birmingham won £10
Carolynn from St Albans won £20
Gordon from Dover won £10
Jennifer from Aberdeen won £30
Philip from Pudsey won £10
Gordon from Dover won £20
Current daily jackpot £10
Current monthly jackpot £50
Tracy from Newcastle Upon Tyne won £10
Julie from Leigh won £10

£50 Referral Prize

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Whoever is the user that takes us to the target, will get a £10 instant prize. Whoever refers them will get £50!

Bug and a booster draw :-)

Hi all!

I’ve just launched a couple of draws today and though I’ve checked the user stats I have to make sure plenty of people can enter, I’m going to open a bit of a booster draw…. which will give people 500 points towards that 2000 points they need. 🙂 It’ll also give you the chance to win a £5 Amazon Voucher 🙂

It also seems there might be a little bug which I’ve been told about a couple of times recently so I will do my best to get it dealt with.

If you visit a draw that requires points that you don’t have… it might tell you that you’ve hit the limit… it shouldn’t but I’ll speak to the developers to see what they think 🙂

Booster draw will be live either later this evening or tomorrow 🙂

Good luck!


Special Draws and a couple of other notices.

Morning good folk of the UK!

Quick (yeah right!) update today.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the recent sunny weather. I’ve not managed as much as I’d have liked as we’re still on with the renovation work at home…. yes… it’s dragging a bit for a couple of reasons but we will get there 🙂

I will be adding a longer term Special Draw very soon. It will cost bonus points to enter the first time… so to open it up to play basically. It won’t be a cheap one, but I’ve looked at the stats for bonus points and a good amount of people will be able to access it straight away. Because it will run for a while, if you can’t access it straight away… then you can still earn bonus points by clicking on the other draws as much as possible to build up the amount you need to access it.

It will run for a few months with longer return times and a larger prize. The points cost will probably be around the 2000 pts mark 🙂

I also have another Special Draw in the works that I’m hoping will launch in the next week or so too 🙂

I’ll be hoping to update the FAQ page soon too which will answer some regular questions I get asked. If you’re unsure how something works, it’s always worth heading to the Chat page first. There are some really lovely people there who will be really happy to answer your questions if you have any 🙂

I’d like to mix things up a bit with the Special Draws so if you have any suggestions for prizes you’d like to see (don’t get carried away 😛 ) then head to the Chat page and make some suggestions.

Keep a look out for the new Special Draws that will be starting to countdown to the start very soon.

Good luck all!



Points draw

Hi All,

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the Daily Draw had a bit of a hiccup today. The developers are looking into it but the likely cause is a server reboot or something at the time the system opens a new draw. It should return tomorrow all being well.

I’ve launch 2x Voucher draws today. One for £10 that is a free for all and one that is for £30 that will cost you 500 of those lovely bonus points to enter.

PLEASE NOTE: It only costs you the first time you enter the draw…. or that’s how it should work 🙂 So do keep Badgering that Button 🙂

Good luck all 🙂

Any questions, head to the Chat page via the menu as there are some lovely folk there who should be able to answer any questions you might have 🙂

Weekly Draw closing temporarily..

Morning All,

I know it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from me.  As I’ve said for a while now, we’re renovating at home and things are taking longer than expected there… still… we’ll get there. I can’t wait to get the small bedroom set up as an office with a proper computer set up rather than using my very dodgy laptop that is ready to break any time soon 🙂

In other news we sadly had to put our dog, Stella, to sleep a couple of weeks ago. She was 16 and still a puppy at heart but it was the right time. I’ve never lost a pet before… well… hamsters and fish as a kid but this was really tough for us both and it happened over a matter of 2 or 3 days. Still, we know it was the best decision now and though it’s quiet in the house without her, we still have the lunatic kittens, Dexter and Lola, to make some noise 🙂

I also whilst doing some DIY stuff accidentally stabbed myself in the leg with a Stanley knife…. which was just what I didn’t need but I’m on the mend and will be back on with the house this week. I’m no longer allowed to even walk with scissors! 😛

All this being said I’ve been off it a little bit recently and so I apologise to those people who’ve had to wait for their claims to be dealt with.

We had a bit of a problem with the SSL security certificate not updating recently. It automatically renews and has since site launch so it’s worked to date but the devs are checking into it. If this happens again, please use the contact form or social media and I’ll look straight into it.

So… to the actual reason for this update… I’m taking the Weekly Draw offline for a short time. You’ve all been building up bonus points recently and I’m getting ready to introduce some draws which will mean you can choose which to use your points on. The Weekly Draw will hopefully return but I want to mix things up a bit over the next few months and offer different things.

Good luck all!


Updates Jan/Feb 2018

Good Afternoon Badgers!

Firstly let me welcome all our recent new members. I hope you’re enjoying the site. There is much more to come from my over-thinking brain and also some bits that are getting removed, which I’ll get to shortly.

I’ll also say a little sorry…. We’re currently doing some work at home to fix up a few things that needed it… and it’s taking much… much….. MUCH longer than expected…. oh and the cats aren’t helping. I’ve actually just been running some network cables for the living room and it was a case of floorboards up, cats down…. I didn’t even see them go down there… so… yeah… that was fun 😛

Back to the site. I’ve got some changes coming which I’ll be handing once this work is complete. Here’s a brief run through.

  • Monthly draw price reduction to £50 a month – This is effective from the next draw.
  • More CryptoDraws – I’m hoping to have another couple of Electroneum draws in the coming month or two.
  • Removal of the Referral Pyramid prizes – In all honesty they’re not as fair as I’d like them to be which is why we have the £50 Referral Prize instead. It’s not fair to expect everyone to be able to refer lots of people…. I’d just really appreciate you telling who you can…. as often as you can… until they play 🙂 ha ha ha…. Badger them about us 😛
  • Chat change and updates – I’m going to be adding commenting sections across the site and on the blog posts. I’ll be researching to see if the current Chat facility we have is working the best it can before proceeding with this… if you like the Chat – head there and let me know… if not, head there and let me know 🙂
  • Development of the blog – It’s been a long term goal to develop the blog and get categories on it for different themed posts – If you’re a blogger or business owner that would like to write something that you think our audience would like… get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.

Could you do me a favour, please? 🙂

I’m looking for small businesses to work with collaboratively this year. I’m in contact with some already and am hoping to bring some special draws and articles about them once details are finalised. If you are a business owner or know someone who runs their own business who has a product or service that is available to our users across the UK, and who would like to work with us for mutual benefit, then please get in touch today.

Thank you all for reading this far. Good luck in the draws and have a great week ahead!

My next update will be hopefully from the new Badger HQ (aka… the box room)