Current daily jackpot £10
Lisa from Sandbach won £10
Ian from Polegate won £10
Colin from Kingsteignton East won £30
Glenn from Waldingfield won £10
Current monthly jackpot £100
Bryony from Canbury won £30
Elaine from Newton won £10
Paul from Bolton won £10
Current weekly jackpot £15
Richard from Merrow won £10
Ella from Halesworth won £15
Nikki from Clifton won £10

£50 Referral Prize

6% Help us reach our new user target by referring your friends
Whoever is the user that takes us to the target, will get a £10 instant prize. Whoever refers them will get £50!

Updates coming in a week or so.... :-)

Morning Badgers!

Hope you’re well and telling everyone about us. Quite a few people joined the site recently but it’s really important to remind people about us. We’re all bombarded by so much that it’s really easy to forget things… but we don’t want you forgetting the Badger 😛

Also in case you’ve not seen the post on the blog page… do head to the Facebook thingy and Twitterplace to Like and Follow us. Up to the end of November we’ll be running (all being well) a couple of giveaways of chocs and things like that… perhaps some vouchers. We’ll also have something on the site too so keep a look out here too 🙂

On to the updates that are coming… after all… that’s what you want to know.

So. Recently we moved the bonus money to points which means they mean more to everyone rather than just the winners. It’ll be really important to try to build those bonuses up as we’ll be having special draws that cost points to enter to win prizes.

These are the updates that are coming in a week or so 🙂

  • Bonus points on button click
    • When you badger the button on the Daily, Weekly (monthly when it returns) you’ll have a lucky dip chance to win extra bonus points. You’re guaranteed 1 point on every click and can win up to 500 points. (these will change over time as I work to balance things out… either way… every click gets you a bonus point)
  • Special Draw points draws
    • Again to help boost points as we move to have more points based features, we’ll be having the occasional points draw… where you can win points 🙂
  • Draw Limits/Targets
    • The long awaited ticket limits. I want Badger the Button to be a good thing and not to become a chore. I don’t want people thinking it’s not worth playing as they don’t have the time to click as much as others. Some people click once a day and some click more. We’ll be implementing a random limit per draw (we’ll start on the daily and then roll out into others). The draw limit could be set or could change per day/week/month… it’s likely to be between 5 and 20 tickets per day… and will change randomly per day. It’s the same for everyone each draw so you know if you hit the limit… you’ve as much chance as anyone else of winning. Hopefully it’ll improve the fun for everyone as you try to hit the target 🙂

Other than that there are a few admin things and bug fixes. After this, the developers are likely to have a couple more smaller tasks before they start on the biggie. The big update to the site will be rewriting the draw logic to be more flexible going forward. More details to come on this closer to the site… but it will take a while.

Have a great weekend!


Voucher Draw and other stuff :-)

Good Afternoon Badgers!

I hope you’re all well. It’s already been a crazy week for me and it’s only… erm….. Tuesday! (I genuinely had to check then…. kinda disappointed too as I was sure it was Wednesday)

Nevertheless… quick update…

I will be starting a Voucher Draw this weekend (all being well). So keep a look out for that. It will be the first test of the recently updated special draw logic that runs the one-off draws. Previous draws that went unclaimed had to be re-run or mothballed but now should the winner not claim, the draw will continue to choose a new winner until someone clicks the Gold Button…. I sort of hope it’s a rollover to just test this out on the live site. 😛 Anyway… good luck all 🙂

Finally,  PLEASE NOTE!!, that I’m doing some part time work for a builder friend over the next few weeks. Partly because it’ll help him out but also because it’s coming up to gift buying season and the funds would be mighty useful. 🙂 Also it’s like going to the gym but getting paid for it… which is even better… I need to get fitter so it’s win win!  The reason I’m mentioning this is that it’ll mean I’m busy until I get back on an evening so if I don’t deal with your claim if you’re a winner, please do bear with me. That goes for support emails and things on the forum too. I’ll do my best to catch up as soon as I can 🙂

Have fun and I’m still here… just away from the keyboard a little more 😛 I’m hoping you’ll not really notice 🙂


Win on the Chat forum!


Those of you that have joined the cross-site forum will have seen that some of the members have created a Word Association game. It’s up to 400+ entries already and is just a bit of fun as you all have a natter 🙂

I am offering 2x prizes of £5 if two words I’ve thought of are mentioned next to each other…

Here are some clues:

  1.  One of the words is something that is really big.
  2. The other word is somewhere you might stop for a short time.

Don’t know if they’re any good as clues…. I’m pretty rubbish at clues… I’m great at mysterious though 🙂

I hope others will join the Chat forum and get involved. I’m sure The Street Lottery, Free Treats, Free Birthdate Lottery and Big Free Giveaway are thinking about things to do with the forum too so it’s really worthwhile saying Hi!

Good luck!


Auto Claim

Morning All 🙂

So if you read the last Updates post you’ll know that Auto-Claim was rolled out in our recent changes.

I’ve also mentioned it on the Chat forum (you really should get on there if you aren’t already. There will be other chances to win and it’s an integral part of the community we’re trying to build. You’ll also get to your opinions in about changes and have a good natter at the same time 🙂 )

So… Auto-Claim is now live on the Daily Draw. It uses your bonus points which are built up by using your Referral link and Share buttons to get others to sign up. It’s also built up by just coming on each day/week and entering the draws.

There’s some balancing to do so the points cost will change over time as I work out more details and as more features that use the bonus 🙂

If you head to the Daily Draw page, click the button and then you’ll see the Auto-Claim option appears 🙂

Any feedback welcome, so if you’ve any thoughts… do head to the Chat forum and let me know 🙂

Have a great week and good luck to all! 🙂


Updates on Tuesday 26th Sept 2017

Good Morning!

It’s a bit chilly this morning and I’ve not yet had a coffee… but I thought I’d get a post about the upcoming Updates.

Those of you on the Chat Forum might have already read about this so you’ve a little idea what’s coming 🙂

There are many updates coming over the next couple of months, some larger, some smaller but all to hopefully bring together a better Badger the Button site 🙂

So… to Tuesday…

  • Special One-Off Draw change: These draws will no longer go unclaimed. If the winner doesn’t claim it, then the draw will happen again with the same claim window. It will continue to redraw until claimed. We’ll be adding extra functionality to this over time but to keep costs down at the moment, we’re just ensuring all prizes get won 🙂
  • Bonus change: £’s to pts. All bonuses will now be in points. We’re already working on ways to use points so they’re more of a benefit to all users, rather than those who just win. There’s nothing worse building up a big bonus and thinking you’ll never benefit from it. We have changes coming straight away and others in the works to really make sure bonuses are bonuses 🙂
  • Emails for inactive users: If you go a month without playing, you’ll get an email, a couple of weeks later, your account is put into Holiday Mode until you play again. We haven’t been emailing people since then, but from now they’ll get an email every 60 days just a gentle reminder that they still have an account with us. We’ll likely add something later to purge all inactive accounts after 1 year but not sure yet 🙂 We want more people back playing 🙂
  • Auto-claim: This might be controversial but it is what it is. It won’t be active straight away, because I’m still working on balancing the points cost. PLEASE NOTE: Points costs might well change over time and will be different draw to draw as I work out the balancing for it. When Auto-Claim is active and you visit a draw page, you’ll notice there’ll be an option to enable Auto-Claim. Click this and you’ll be shown the points cost and how many points you have. If you win and it’s enabled then you won’t have to click to claim, it will automatically claim your win for you. This is a great addition for those who know they’ll be busy the next day/week or just might not remember to get on during that claim window.

Let me know your thoughts on the Chat Forum 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck in the draws! 🙂