Kevin from Preston won £10
Andrew from Chaulden and Warners End won £20
Emilie from Central won £15
Jodie from Stockport won £15
Current weekly jackpot £15
Current daily jackpot £10
Aileen from York won £10
Pip from Irthing won £10
Glenn from Waldingfield won £10
Kevin from Dalston won £10
Peter from Shotton won £10
Kat from Grimsby won £20

£50 Referral Prize

871 / 1000
Help us reach our new user target by referring your friends
Whoever is the user that takes us to the target, will get a £10 instant prize. Whoever refers them will get £50!

Chat away & Other important ramblings :-)

Good Morning Badger Folk!

Well it’s 8:15am on Sunday morning and I’m writing this…. none of those scheduled post thingys here you know 🙂

I hope you’re all having a great weekend despite the rubbish weather.

If you haven’t looked already, please head to the Chat page and take a look at the new cross-site FLC forum. It’s on 4 sites so far, but with another couple being added very soon (all being well). It means no matter which site you’re on you can engage with other free lottery players and talk about whatever you want. 🙂

Our Developers…who I suppose I should introduce… They are Gary & Tom. Gary is my oldest friend…. though I’m sure I’m pushing that limit with my never ending requests and silly ideas… are Burnt Wasp Games… They have more info on their very outdated website… which I won’t link because it’s so out of date… but it’s Google-able….. Well… Tomorrow morning they have finished the planning and altering my insane ideas phase so the work really begins. There’s been some behind the scenes work happening over the last couple of months to prepare for the upcoming updates that are in the works now… there are some pretty cool changes coming (they’re all good really) and they’ll be happening over the next few months.

I won’t go into too much detail here because it’ll bore you to death… as each phase reaches testing and I have to try and break it, I’ll post about the upcoming updates. PLEASE DO read because some are really important and will be major changes to the site…. improvements for the better hopefully but they will affect how the games play. We will hopefully see the return of the Monthly Draw before the year is out. We wanted it back sooner, but these changes are huge and they need to be done right. All being well we are hoping to add in a new game/feature to give you even more chances to win 🙂

Enough teasing by me. Please do use the Chat, it’s full of lovely people and I do ask for feedback on upcoming ideas there 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday



August Update

Happy Saturday Badgers!

Welcome to all the new members that joined us recently. I hope you’re enjoying the site and are spreading the word about the lovely free cash to be had.

It’s been quite a while since my last update. I’m working hard on many things including liasing with the developers on the changes they’re working on. More details to come on those when they hit a stage close to finalising. We are in the process of a large number of updates to the site (and the devs are on holiday) so it’ll be a couple of weeks before any word on this.

Other than that, I’ve been working very hard to bring something very soon which we hope you’ll like. Please keep your eye on our Facebook, Twitter and here… all being well, next Sunday will see the launch of the new chat system as well… which was the forum we tested a while ago. There’s extra with this but we’re keeping quiet for the moment…. 🙂 Needless to say we’re hoping it’ll be great and that you will all love it. No more Facebook only chat. 🙂

Anyway I just wanted to let you know a little about what’s going on and tell you about next Sunday. Should the launch look like it’s going to happen earlier… I will let you know 🙂

Enjoy the weekend 🙂



Good Evening Badgers!

We’ve something really cool to announce soon. It’s been in the works for a while and we’re really excited about it. I’m going to be really mean now and not really go into too many details 😛 but I can tell you that as part of it, the forum we tried some time ago will be replacing the Facebook Chat.

Badger the Button is not just here to give away cash but to be part of a community and that means us not leaving people out. We tried Disqus… which was almost the perfect answer… but on mobile it didn’t have pages and so it was scrolling galore…. The new forum that’s coming will allow you to sign up to it with your email or use Facebook or Twitter to use it.

There’s more but it’s become apparent during testing and load speed tests that we’ve done that Facebook Chat is not helping the situation… it’s just too slow.

We hope everyone who uses the Facebook Chat now will use the forum… it’s really cool and just part of what’s coming… so watch this space! 🙂


Monthly Draw

Afternoon all 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far.

I’ve had a few emails about the Monthly Draw. The timer is shown as it is on purpose for the moment.

As mentioned in a previous Update post, we are closing the Monthly Draw for the moment. We’re hoping to bring it back when we’ve made some changes to our draw system, however those of you who follow us on social media or read the chat page will know I’m a thinker… and so it’s not guaranteed to return. What will be changing however is the flexibility of how we run draws. We want more winners… so we’re addressing that now and the changes will be rolled out slowly. It’s this reason why we’ve terminated the Monthly Draw for now 🙂

We have lots of ideas to improve the site and change things up a bit so it’s not all just the same. 🙂 Something to spice it up a bit… so do make sure you read the blog and updates pages when you see the handy notification icon…. 🙂

We’ll be removing the Monthly Draw icon soon now that Chris has claimed his prize.

Watch this space…. 🙂 Trust me… it’ll be good.


Referral Draw

Hello Badgers!

Today we’re launching our long term Referral Draw. It’s going to end on our 2nd Birthday… Just over 1 year from now on 20th July 2018 at midday.

You can find the details below and on your Referrals page.

Here’s some more details about how it works:

  • Each referral you get increases your total. As your total increases, you unlock levels in the Pyramid.
  • Each level has a prize or prizes for that level as below.
  • You get 1 chance per level
  • When the draw happens on the closing date, we work from the top down. When you win, you are removed from the lower level draws to make room for more winners.
  • Please ensure you use your Referral Link when you get others to sign up so you get your referral counted.
  • You will not have to claim your win. If you win, you’ll receive an email from us explaining what you’ve won and how to proceed from there and arrange payment.
  • Good Luck!

This is what the pyramid will look like (until we update the images) when fully lit. It’ll be hard to fully light it up… but we’re giving you as long a time as we can to try to 🙂

These are the Referral numbers you need to light up each level.

Level 5: 1 prize of £500 – 500+ Referrals
Level 4: 1 prize of £200 – 200+ Referrals
Level 3: 2 prizes of £100 – 100+ Referrals
Level 2: 5 prizes of £50 – 50+ Referrals
Level 1: 10 prizes of £25 – 10+ Referrals

Read More for some more Terms & Conditions: