Kevin from Dalston won 10x Electroneum Coins
Hazel from Rotherham won £15
Current weekly jackpot £15
Current daily jackpot £10
Current monthly jackpot £100
Paul from Kirkby-in-ashfield won £10
Bryony from Canbury won £20
Champaklal from Ashton Waterloo won £10
Kerrie from Forres won £20
John from Crewkerne won £20
Kellie from Bournemouth won £15
Victoria from Taunton won £10
Sarah from Great Dunmow won £10

£50 Referral Prize

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Daily Draw Limits

Good morning Badgers!

The day has come… at long last…. I can hear the cheers in my head.

From this day forth ( from Friday 19th Jan 2018) until I decide to tweak the limits, the DAILY DRAW ticket limit will be between 7 and 15 tickets.

Play smart, if it’s a low limit, then you can probably do it in individual clicks if you’ve time, therefore getting a bonus lucky spin each time…. or will you need to use the bonus tickets return timer to double up the ticket when you click to hit the target? 🙂

Good luck all and finally…. PLEASE do tell others about the site. I have big plans for the site and so more people are needed… the more who play, the more we can give away 🙂




Play Now limits

Good evening good folk of the UK!

It’s been pointed out a couple of times recently that with the addition of the draw targets that once you’ve hit the target the icons still say “Play Now”.

I will be looking at changing this in a couple of weeks or so as I make a few other tweaks 🙂

Once you hit the limit it will say something along the lines of “Max Limit”.. or “Insert Something Here Andy”…. you get the idea 🙂

Under that will (hopefully) be the countdown until the draw closes.

Any constructive suggestions are welcome either through the Contact Us or the Chat page.

Enjoy the snow… I really do want to build a snowman…. and good luck in the draws!


Draw Targets Clarification

Morning all 🙂

I just wanted to clarify the recently implemented Draw Targets that are currently on the Weekly Draw.

The limit is random each week and is currently set between 30 and 70.

Each week everyone will have the same target.

There’s been lots of talk on the Chat Pages  about it so if you haven’t already popped by… please do and say Hi! 🙂

Daily Draw targets will be implemented early February. 🙂

Good luck all 🙂


Weekly Draw Targets :-)

Good Morning All!

I’ve just activated draw targets on the Weekly Draw. So from tomorrow there will be a global target each week. Everyone will have the same… it will be between 30 and 70… which according to the draw logs should be a good challenge for some, and easily achievable by others but the short term idea of draw targets is to make the site less of a chore and more fun. Long term I’ll be hoping to add a bonus draw which will run over the course of a year and each time you hit a target it will give you a ticket in that… 🙂

Once we’ve run the draw limits/targets for a week or so… I’ll add them to the Daily Draw too to see how that goes.

These things can be tweaked over time so if you’ve a problem or think they’re unrealistic then let me know and I’ll take constructive feedback happily 🙂

Enjoy and Happy New Year!
Lets hope 2018 is a big year for Badger the Button 🙂


How the Lucky Dip works

Afternoon all 🙂

I’ve noticed a little confusion regarding the new Lucky Dip you get each time you Badger the Button, so I wanted to clear things up 🙂

Your bonus are points you earn by:

  • Referring people using the link or share buttons on the My Account or Referrals page.
  • Clicking for the first time in a draw when it resets (ie.. Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Lucky Dip feature (see below)
  • Other options coming soon

Tickets are your number of entries you have in a draw. This is a different value and you can earn bonus tickets by returning just after the return timer expires.

Lucky Dip

Each time you Badger the Button a window will appear and randomly choose a number. The higher the number, the more bonus points you can win. Simple. 🙂 You are guaranteed at least 1 bonus point each time you click and can get up to 500! 🙂

What are bonus points used for?

At the moment there aren’t too many options but you can rest assured that we’re working on things 🙂

Auto-claim can be activated using your bonus points to make sure that if you win, your claim is handled automatically. This is a great option if you know you might not be able to make it on the next day, week etc 🙂

Very soon we’ll be having a points draw which will require some of your bonus points to enter. This is our way of rewarding those that click often and build up those bonus points 🙂

Hopefully that clears up how things work a bit better 🙂

Have a great day!